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Lake Blue Ridge – Blue Ridge, Georgia

Aerial View of Blue Ridge Lake

Discover the beauty of Lake Blue Ridge, a picture-perfect lake located in the majestic mountains of North Georgia. Embark on an unforgettable journey into a world of natural beauty – the perfect place for a rejuvenating escape, a family adventure, or a romantic getaway. Unwind, reconnect, and explore in the fantastic surroundings of Lake Blue Ridge, GA.

The refreshing waters and lush forests of Lake Blue Ridge, Georgia, are merely a stone’s throw away from the vibrant community of Blue Ridge. This serene lake spans over 3,290 acres of crystal-clear water, surrounded by a vast expanse of national forest. 80% of Lake Blue Ridge’s 65 miles of scenic shoreline is in the Chattahoochee National Forest. Renowned for its undisturbed beauty and considered one of the cleanest lakes in the state, Lake Blue Ridge provides the perfect getaway with all the enchantment and adventure of a quintessential lakeside vacation, minus the overwhelming crowds!

Featured Blue Ridge Lake Activities

People With A Hurricane Deck boat & Lily pad on Lake Blue Ridge
A Person Fishing at Sunset on Lake Blue Ridge
A Person Water Skiing on Lake Blue Ridge
Girl Playing with Dog on Lake Blue Ridge Beach

Hiking along the shores of Lake Blue Ridge is an experience that harmonizes the soul with the serene beauty of nature. The Lake Blue Ridge Loop Trail offers an exceptional journey, winding through lush forests, over gentle hills, and alongside the tranquil waters of this pristine lake. As you traverse this well-marked trail, each step brings a new perspective of the North Georgia mountains, with stunning vistas and the peaceful sounds of nature accompanying your journey. The loop is accessible for hikers of all skill levels, providing a peaceful yet engaging outdoor adventure.

Fishing on Lake Blue Ridge is an angler’s dream, a serene endeavor that blends the thrill of the catch with the breathtaking beauty of the North Georgia mountains. The crystal-clear waters of this vast lake are teeming with a variety of fish, including bass, trout, and walleye, providing ample opportunities for both experienced fishermen and beginners alike. As you cast your line into the cool, deep waters, the tranquility of the surrounding wilderness envelops you, creating an ideal setting for a day of fishing.

The lake’s diverse aquatic habitats support a rich fish population, making every fishing trip a unique adventure. Whether you prefer the quiet solitude of early morning angling or the golden glow of a sunset cast, Lake Blue Ridge offers an unmatched experience. Boat ramps and fishing docks are conveniently located around the lake, ensuring easy access to the best fishing spots. Additionally, local bait shops are ready to supply you with everything you need, from gear to insider tips on the current hotspots.

Blue Ridge Lakeside Chateau From Above

Discover The Best Lake Blue Ridge Cabins + Homes

Choose from our meticulously curated selection of Lake Blue Ridge vacation rentals, where each property is chosen for its distinctive appeal and ability to provide guests with an unforgettable lakeside stay. From traditional rustic cabins to contemporary homes offering modern luxury with sweeping lake views, there’s a haven for every traveler’s taste and requirements. Enjoy the appeal of private docks, wraparound decks and cozy fireplaces, some of the premier features you can book with our lakefront vacation homes.

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Featured Blue Ridge Lake Vacation Rentals

Front Of Vacation Rental Gleesome Inn
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Front Of Vacation Rental Medley Sunset Cove
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Back Of Vacation Rental Medley Sunset Cove
Fire Pit and Deck Of Vacation Rental Medley Sunset Cove
Front Of Vacation Rental When In Rome
Porch Swing & Boat Dock Of Vacation Rental When In Rome
Porch Of Vacation Rental When In Rome
Living Room Of Vacation Rental When In Rome

History of Lake Blue Ridge

Lake Blue Ridge boasts a rich history that adds depth to its natural beauty. Constructed between 1925 and 1930 by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), the lake was originally formed by the damming of the Toccoa River to provide hydroelectric power to the surrounding areas and to aid in flood control. This man-made reservoir, initially known as Blue Ridge Lake, has since evolved into a beloved recreational spot, attracting visitors from all over for its pristine waters and scenic surroundings. The creation of the lake transformed the local landscape, submerging old homesteads, farms, and sections of the original railway line that once ran through the valley. Over the decades, Lake Blue Ridge has become a symbol of resilience and rejuvenation, as nature and man have harmoniously intertwined. Today, the lake serves as a reminder of the area’s historical journey from a utilitarian reservoir to a cherished wilderness retreat, where people come to unwind, reflect, and create new memories amidst the splendors of the Georgia mountains.

Lake Blue Ridge From Above

Day Use Areas & Boat Ramps

The Morganton Point Recreation Area provides a distinctive “beach” setting, making it an excellent choice for activities like camping, fishing, swimming, and boating. The site is equipped with public restrooms, including one with warm showers, and offers access to city water. For day visitors, there are eight picnic tables available, and a sheltered picnic spot can be reserved ahead of time. The swimming area at Morganton Point features a pebbled shore, hence bringing water shoes is recommended for added comfort. Additionally, there’s a concrete boat ramp situated a quarter-mile west of the campground and beach area, complete with designated parking spaces for boat trailers close to the picnic facilities.

Getting to the Morganton Point Recreation Area:
Starting from the McDonald’s at the crossroads of GA Hwy. 515 and GA Hwy. 5 in Blue Ridge, head east on GA Hwy. 515 (towards Blairsville) for about 4.5 miles until you reach a traffic light at the junction with GA Hwy. 60. Make a right onto GA Hwy. 60, follow for 2.0 miles into Morganton, then make a right onto Lake Drive and continue for approximately half a mile to the campground entrance on the left. The fee station and campground host are located right at the campground’s entrance.

The cost for access to the picnic and swimming areas is $5.00 per person (ages 16 and up). The picnic shelter is available for reservations at $40.00 and can be booked via the National Recreation Reservation System. For convenience, visit Go Find Outdoor for 24/7 access to the online booking service, or contact the reservation center at 1-877-444-6777 (toll-free).

The Lakewood Landing Boat Ramp is a fee boat ramp available off Old Highway 76 in Morganton. Starting from the intersection near McDonald’s on Hwy 5 in Blue Ridge, proceed east on Hwy 515 for about four miles until you reach the traffic signal at Hwy 60. Make a right turn and continue to the stop sign; then, take another right and go for about 0.3 miles. You will find the boat ramp on your left side.

Situated on Old Highway 76, the marina provides services including boat sales and storage, as well as rentals for pontoons, kayaks, and paddleboards. Additional amenities include a boat launch, a marina shop, and a bar & grill. For further details, please contact 706-632-2618.

The Lake Blue Ridge Dam stands as one of North America’s most significant earth dams. Atop the dam, located along Old Highway 76, you’ll find an informative kiosk. The recreation area around the dam is equipped with picnic tables and benches and is accessible for individuals with disabilities. The site offers spectacular views over the lake, enhancing the picnic experience. Additionally, the area below the dam provides a convenient spot for launching canoes or kayaks and is a popular location for trout fishing.

Head northeast from the junction of Hwy 5 and Hwy 515 for 0.7 miles until you reach Windy Ridge Road, where you should turn right. Follow the road to its end, then make a left onto Old Highway 76 and continue for 1.7 miles until you arrive at the dam.

Tennessee Valley Authority Technical Information

The Tennessee Valley Authority uses operating guides for each reservoir to make decisions about moving water through its dams. The dams are managed to allow for seasonal variations in the use of flood storage space. Operating guides take into consideration all the features that influence a reservoir’s ability to store and release water, including the size and shape of the surrounding watershed, the reservoir’s surface area, and the average rainfall and runoff, as well as historical demands for water use and flood storage space at different times of the year. View Here

View an interactive map or download a free PDF map of Lake Blue Ridge including public boat ramp, fish attractor, and lake marker locations. View Here

Plan a Trip to Lake Blue Ridge

View of Lake Blue Ridge From Above

Seize the moment and organize your getaway to beautiful Lake Blue Ridge and its charming neighboring areas. If the allure of exhilarating outdoor pursuits, the rich historical tapestry, or merely the prospect of tranquil relaxation calls to you, our nearby lodging options offer a remarkable sanctuary.

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