Lake Blue Ridge

Lake Blue Ridge

Situated close to our Blue Ridge cabin rentals is one of North Georgia’s most popular lakes – Lake Blue Ridge. A must-visit for guests staying with Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals, especially during the summer, the clear 3,290-acre lake is ideal for fishing, boating, swimming, and kayaking. Stay up-to-date with Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) technical information on Lake Blue Ridge’s water levels, Toccoa Dam releases, public boat ramp access, and more.

Lake Blue Ridge & Toccoa Dam Release Schedules

Check the latest water release schedules, updated periodically throughout the day. You can also check the observed water level readings and predictions. Next-day release schedules are usually available by 6 p.m. on the current day.

Blue Ridge Operating Guide

The Tennessee Valley Authority uses operating guides for each reservoir to make decisions about moving water through its dams. The dams are managed to allow for seasonal variations in the use of flood storage space. Operating guides take into consideration all the features that influence a reservoir’s ability to store and release water, including the size and shape of the surrounding watershed, the reservoir’s surface area, and the average rainfall and runoff, as well as historical demands for water use and flood storage space at different times of the year.

Lake Blue Ridge Map

View an interactive map or download a free PDF map of Lake Blue Ridge including public boat ramp, fish attractor, and lake marker locations.

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