Sense Of Place Show Featuring Blue Ridge

We are very fortunate that a few months back, our friend Matt Landau and the founder of VRMB came to Blue Ridge, Georgia to film his new show, Sense Of Place.  With the connection of our partner LiveRez, we were able to showcase to the world what we already know...BLUE RIDGE IS AMAZING! It was an honor to introduce our community, the incredible local companies, the people and our beautiful natural landscape.
About Matt Landau:
Thanks to a bit of luck in transitioning from the role of travel journalist for the largest luxury travel agency in Costa Rica, Matt Landau had learned most of his success the hard way. But with a degree in Economics, Matt was obsessive about documenting what worked, what didn't, and most importantly, why. And when he began sharing those tips with other owners and managers, a magical thing happened...

Because most professionals in this new industry work alone or in small teams, they rarely have the opportunity to meet other people "just like them." So when these tips began trading hands and the feedback and improvements began rolling in, VRMB became "the conveyor belt of best practices"...constantly refined and adjusted with time.

In just 5 years, VRMB now averages 20,000 motivated visitors per month and the Inner Circle (our private community that financially supports the free blog) has grown to nearly 800 members.
About Sense of Place Show:
"Most people have heard about vacation rentals through companies like Airbnb and HomeAway.  These companies are paving the way for a much greater movement that is changing the way people travel, and work, and live.  A Sense of Place is about exploring that greater movement." - Matt Landau
About Sense of Place Show featuring Blue Ridge:
"They say that if you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together. And when it comes to the vacation rental industry this message has a tendency to get lost. Whether it’s in the frantic day to day. Or in competitive landscapes where “working together” seems about as fun as dinner with the in-laws.
Vacation rental companies often tend to view each other as enemy competition more than we do collaborative partners.  I learned in Georgia that sometimes it takes a leader in a market to put the destination ahead of him or herself in order to change the outcome for everyone involved.
This episode taught me about the power of unity and movement in the vacation rental industry -- it taught me that collectively we are far more powerful than any one individual ever could be." - Matt Landau